Welcome to the Nordic Gypsy

Our brick and mortar store in Rochester, Minnesota closed July 20, 2013. We sell kits, finished jewelry and some beads at events regionally and nationally. We occasionally host trunk shows with former suppliers. We post events, shows and classes on our website and face book page. Beth continues to teach classes nationally and we teach classes locally for community education. Send us a note through Talk Back if you have any questions.

A Few Things

The loom ends are back in stock.

I am listing a few items people have requested. I am still working on a shopping cart but life events have prevented me from completing it.  Send a note through Talk Back with your name, contact information and item and I will get back to you.


Loom ends 1/1/4" in length - $3.50 pair.                              Lead-free solder rings 3/4" and 1/2" - $1.25ea and $.50ea.

The loom ends are used in Magic Carpet and the lead free-solder rings are used in Hoopla!, Summer Circles and Arctic Circle.