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Welcome to the Nordic Gypsy! We are very proud of our bead store - especially our wide variety of classes, our extensive collection of beads, and our superb customer service.

Classes! Classes!

We have tons of classes here at the Nordic Gypsy. We have evening and weekend classes for adults, day classes for adults, classes for youth and teens, and community education classes for youth and adults. In the past, we’ve had Community Youth Mentorship classes and joint parent/child classes. We don’t stop there! For example, we’ve...

Taught 200 wild Girl Scouts at a Girl Scout Lock-In
Dressed up in period costume to demonstrate for hundreds of school students at the History Center’s Rendezvous
Beaded with secretaries from the Federal Medical Center
Worked with women at the Gables Recovery Home
Beaded with children at Meadow Park
Hosted a bead party for a family with three generations participating
Taught classes at Jefferson Elementary School
Macramed with 6th graders at an end-of –the-school-year bash at Whitewater State Park

Check out our classes! Try the Calendar View, List View, or print a class schedule.

Small groups or big mobs, senior citizens or young children, we’ll find a way to make everyone have fun. We love to work with diverse groups of people and we’ll accommodate your group’s special needs. If you are interested, please give us a call to set something up or to sign up for one of our regular classes.


If you’ve got a bead need, we think we can fill it. We’ve got the ABC’s of beads!

A is for Art glass and Art beads
B is for Bali, silver and gold
C is for Czech glass, in strands, bags, and individual beads
D is for Direct from Austria – Swarovski crystals
E is for Enamel and Cloisonne beads, also porcelain and cinnabar
F is for Findings, basemetal, sterling, gold-filled, niobium, plated, copper, gunmetal
G is for Gold-filled beads and findings
H is for Hemp, .5mm, 1.5mm, 3mm, colored, rainbow, hempboards
I is for India Glass, in strands and individually
J is for Jewelry, inspired jewelry to copy or buy!
K is for Knowledge, books and magazines, current and past issues
L is for Letter beads, ceramic, base metal, sterling
M is for Metal beads, strands and individually
N is for Natural material beads, horn, bone, wood, shell, nut, in strands and individually
O is for Old beads, Trade beads in strands and individually
P is for Pearls, cultured freshwater pearls, a variety of colors and shapes, in strands and individually
Q is for Quite a bit of stringing material! Softflex, Beadcord, Nymo, Waxed Linen, Perle
R is for Rings, sterling silver, yes they are necessary for beading!
S is for Seed beads, Czech, Japanese, Delicas, Size 5 to Size 15, Bugles, Hexes, Triangles, Cuts
T is for Tools, Chain-nose, bentnose, square, and roundnose pliers, memory wire, Softflex, and side cutters, specialty tools for wire and braiding
U is for Unusual beads, old beads, odd beads, orange, copper, two-holed, nailheads, BIG beads…
V is for Vintage, strands and individually
W is for Wire, gold-filled, sterling, niobium, plated, copper, brass, craft wire, colored craft wire, square, twisted, 12 gauge to 32 gauge, chain too!
X is for Stone (hey, I know this is supposed to be an X, but I was stuck!!) strands and individually
Y is for Yummy charms for those wine glass identifiers
Z is for dZi beads

Are you confused by all of the bead jargon? Ask one of our staff – we’d love to answer your questions!